All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.                                        2 Timothy 3:16 03/14/21 Jesus Encounter with Pilate 03/21/21 The Mockery of Jesus 03/28/21 God Holds Everything Together 04/04/21 Yes, Jesus Is Risen 04/11/21 Praying for Ourselves 04/18/21 A New Disciple Is Added 04/25/21 The Promised Holy Spirt 05/02/21 First Sermon After the Holy Spirit 05/09/21 Breading Ground for Miracles 05/16/21 The Word and The Spirit 05/23/21 Experiencing Opposition 05/30/21 The Normal Christian and The Normal Church 06/06/21 Living in the Light 06/13/21 God is Fully Committed to Us 06/20/21 Serving God's Way 06/27/21 Living & Dying God's Way 07/04/21 Growing Through Trials & Persecution 07/11/21 Our Duty and Call 07/18/21 The Conversion of Paul 07/25/21 Paul's Ministry Begins Return to Home