All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.                                        2 Timothy 3:16 03/10/24 Jesus Darkest Hours 03/17/24 His Death Makes Us New 03/24/24 The Death of Jesus 03/31/24 Easter Sunrise Service 03/31/24 How the Resurection Impacts You 04/07/24 The Impact of Repentance in Our Prayers 04/14/24 Learning More About Repentance & Confession 04/21/24 Daniel's Prayer Delayed 04/28/24 Ingredients to Conquering Prayer 05/05/24 When You Don't See God 05/12/24 The Hope of Our Future 05/19/24 And Now What God 05/26/24 Habakkuk's Prayer 06/02/24 God's Unexpected Choices 06/09/24 What I Have, I Give You 06/16/24 The Healthy Church 06/23/24 The House of the Lord 06/30/24 The Use of Our Time 07/07/24 Being Prepared and Ready 07/14/24 What About the Lost Return to Home