All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.                                        2 Timothy 3:16
07/01/18 Tasting the Goodness of God 07/08/18 Away From the Body and At Home With the Lord 07/15/18 How Are Christians to Live 07/22/18 How Are Christians to Live (part II) 07/29/18 Food For Thought 08/05/18 Bringing Joy To God 08/12/18 The Book Of Life 08/19/18 Finding Meaning in Life 08/26/18 Findling Love 09/02/18 Jesus Your Brother 09/09/18 No Favorites 09/16/18 Having God Confidence 09/23/18 Living into the Victory of Jesus 09/30/18 Set in Our Ways or Open to God's Transformation 10/7/18 God, Revealer of Mysteries 10/14/18 Recognizing God's Voice 10/21/18 Where Did Evil Come From 10/28/18 The Role of Free Will in Your Life 11/04/18 The Purpose of Our Trials 11/11/18 A Life of Thanksgiving Home Sermons About Us Sermons